Milk Powder

Milk powder, milk is obtained in the process of drying of pasteurized skimmed milk or full fat milk. First of all, its being condensed and then drying in spray drying tower and powdered. With white to yellowish colour and typical milky taste of our milk powder ready to use such a applications; confectionery, chocolate, bakery, ice cream, cheese-yogurt and frozen foods sektors.

Skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder productions are available for our customers.


Application; Dairy Products, bakery, biscuits-cookies and chocolate Industry , prepared mixes, ice cream, confectionery, meat products.

PACKING: (heat-seal)25 kgS polyethylene bags in kraft paper inner bag is packed in 3-fold higher.

STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE: The optimum storage conditions, max, 65% humidity and temperatures below 25 º C for 24 months.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Keep in a cool, dry place sealed.

ALLERGEN STATUS: Natural raw milk products. Does contain lactose allergen

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